Hi! I'm Linkai.

📍 md & wi | 🏫 uw-madison '27 | 🎓 mbhs '23

I'm a student studying computer science at UW-Madison.

Coding is cool, but I'm also interested in UX, 3D modeling, and interactive storytelling. Generally, the intersection of tech, art, and people is where I like to be.

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I code cool stuff.

STEM to the Sky's website

Interviews with professionals showcasing careers in STEM.

(Next.js, TailwindCSS, Sanity CMS)

Oracle of Blair '22

Forecast of 2022 US elections, my HS senior class project!

(Next.js, SVGs, Minitab, & more)

click me!

I design cool stuff.

Adobe Photoshop

To: Linkai Wu

I create cool stuff.

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