Hi! I'm Linkai.

📍 md & wi | 🏫 @uwmadison '27 | 🎓 mbhs '23

I'm a maker, programmer, and student! My work so far has mostly been in fullstack web dev, but I'm currently exploring 3D modeling and game design. I'm also currently a CS student at the University of Wisconsin.

Active projects

Dormant projects

  • ORACLE of Blair — a project by my HS political statistics class that modeled the 2022 US Senate and governor elections
  • Wordle Archive — a clone of NYT's Wordle game with an archive of past puzzles
  • Jamcave — a "multiplayer" whiteboard app, like Google Jamboard
  • Bongo Cat — a web app that lets you play instruments as a band of bongo cats!


(I'm trying to do more writing, so I'll be adding more articles here soon!)

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Thanks for visiting my site! See you around 👋

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